Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Blog Has Attitude Award!

I was checking comments this morning and got a surprise from Pat at  It is my first blog award!  I am super excited!!  Thanks Pat!!!  For the award I need to state 3 things that make me different from everyone else and nominate  5 other bloggers to receive this award.

Three things that make me different:

1.  I love, love, love Elvis!!!
2.  I constantly have to have a book to read!!
3.  I love to clog!

Like Pat I am new at blogging and it is so wonderful to see people who want to follow you and support you!  So I am passing on the "My Blog Has Attitude Award" to these 5 ladies who have either followed me or left super sweet comments on my projects.

1.  Jen at
2.  Jeanine at
3.  Carina at
4.  Carol at
5.  Amber at

Now it is time for the above nominees to pass the award on.  Please follow the directions above and display  the blog award in your side bar.  Link the award back to Digi's with Attitude blog at to qualify for a gift certificate.  Read the entry for exact instructions.  Congrats to all!!


  1. Amanda thanks so much for thinking of me.... I will try to do this in the next day or so... I hope your having a great week!!! Thanks again you put a smile on my face.
    big hugs,jen

  2. Amanda, you're welcome...isn't it fun? Congrats again. -- Pat

  3. Thanks so much! :) It's so nice when people think of me. I usually don't end up getting the awards posted though - I hope that doesn't offend you. My aunt is a big Elvis fan too. That is so cool about the clogging! I think that takes some real skill! I dance around the house a lot - but it's pretty dorky and there's not much skill involved. Thanks for sharing a little bit about yourself.

  4. congrats on your blog award:)

    I am having a cricut cart give away. Check out my blog for details:)

  5. Thank you Very much for the blog award!!!!
    I am still new at this and i ldont know how to link it to my side bar on my Blog, can someone please help me?
    I am so Exited
    Thank you again

  6. Congrats on the award. How awesome!!!

  7. Amanda I'm so sorry it has taken me this long to thank you.. I was going through my emails trying to catch up and I want to thank you so much for thinking of me and giving me this award. I'm really not this bad when it comes to taking care of things... lol
    Thanks again for the sweet award. Have a super week.